Deductions that do not give rise to a loss

There are some deductions you can't use to create or increase a tax loss, including donations or gifts and personal super contributions. Last modified: 20 Jun 2019QC 33708

Last modified: 28 May 2015QC 23593

Certain deductions that would otherwise be allowable cannot be claimed as deductions where they would give rise to a tax loss. They are:

  • payments of pensions, gratuities or retirement allowances to employees, former employees, or their dependents
  • gifts or contributions made to deductible gift recipients
  • payments made under conservation covenants
  • personal superannuation contributions

For charities

A deduction for a gift or contribution cannot add to or create a tax loss. However, you can choose to spread the tax deduction for a gift or contribution over a period of up to five income years. - Last modified: 25 Jul 2017QC 46278

Part F Tax losses reconciliation statement

Last modified: 28 May 2020QC 62157