The CentreLink stuff - JobSeeker, JobKeeper, etc.

Unfortunately, we cannot complete the application for you since they will not talk to Tax Agents, they will only talk to you. All we can do here is help our clients link your ATO service to MyGov.

For the ATO side of things we can assist. 

The cashboost for employers

If you are our Business client that we lodge Activity Statements for quarterly or monthly, then you don't need to do anything, we're on the job and will do it for you automatically! We'll contact you if we need any further information/documents. 

The ATO is automatically deferring all due dates for Activity Statements;

If you are our Business client whom DOES NOT lodge Activity Statements with us, and only sees us for Tax return, then you will need to call us to see what we can do for you. We WILL NOT take any automatic action unless you contact us.

Business owners that DO NOT employ staff 

Call us and see what your options aretradies, spouses in business

MyGov setup

If you are our client, and need help linking your ATO service to your MyGov; we can help! 

  • Have your MyGov account opened and ready before you call us;
  • Call us, and confirm your DOB, address, and email/phone for us to identify you;
  • We will then guide you on how to complete your ATO service link;

Mismatch in your name as per ATO vs MyGov

If your name doesn't match on both services, you will need to fix this with MyGov or with ATO in your own time. Again, they will not speak to us. You will need to supply 3 forms of ID (e.g. passport, driver licence, medicare card, birth certificate, etc.) and call the ATO over the phone to rectify this mistake. The mistake happens when you filled out your Tax File Number registration with the wrong details.