Some notes before you keep reading

You don’t need to complete a full claim right now. You can register your intention to claim at a time and place that works for you. To find out how, read more about registering your intention to claim a payment.


  1. If you already made your mygov account and linked the ATO to your services, skip to step 4. Otherwise, continue reading:
    Before you begin to make your mygov account, you will need atleast ONE of the following ID information handy: 
    1. Medicare card (if any)
    2. Centre link info (if any)
    3. ATO info (here we can help provide your info)
  2. Create your mygov account on if you hadn't made one yet. 
    • Make sure to use your legal name as per your passport, photo ID, etc. 
    • Make sure you store your username and password information safely and easy to retrieve later. You can inform Teresa of those details if you wish us to store it on your file.
  3. Ensure that you have atleast ONE services linked to your account. Either 
    • Medicare
    • CentreLink
    • ATO (here we can help link it for you)
  4. Sign into mygov, and on the home page, proceed to click on the CONTINUE button regarding INTENTION TO ACCESS CORONAVIRUS SUPPORT
  5. Follow the screen prompts and check your email and mobile details is correct (it will be shown in the yellow redacted bit below)
  6. Once you see this screen + a sms on your phone as shown below, then you the notice to CentreLink and they will use this date to backdate any CentreLink payment owed to you.
  7. Have your driver's licence, Medicare card, or Australian Passport ready
  8. Have a computer infront of you ready + login to your MyGov
  9. Call CentreLink on 132 850, 
    1. They will ask if you have a Customer Reference Number (CRN) - answer I DON'T HAVE ONE
    2. Afterwards, they will list out a bunch of options - answer STIMULUS
    3. You will then be transferred to a telephone agent. Tell them you need 
      1. a linking code for your MyGov 
      2. and your CentreLink Customer Reference Number if you don't have one or can't remember it
    4. As they give you the linking code, keep them on the phone and try putting the code into your myGov account to see if it works, 
    5. Once successful, ask them for a telephone receipt number for the conversation AND JOT IT DOWN. 
    6. Either 
      1. thank the agent and end the call.
      2. Or ask them to explain to you how to complete the claim online.
  10. You may now proceed to finalise your application for JobSeeker by clicking on CENTRELINK in your MYgov account, and find MAKE A CLAIM and complete the forms.