Can you get both?

youCANNOT get both simultaneously.

If you get JobKeeper from your employer, the wages received would breach CentreLink's JobSeeker limits and you essentially forfeit your JobSeeker entitlement. 

Which one should I get?

It really depends on your circumstances. We DO NOT know your situation with family + children + spouse, your employment, your benefits you receive from Centrelink. So it is always good to check with a professional accountant, financial adviser, and with someone from CentreLink.

In terms of figures, here is a table of the change


Apr-2020Sep-2020$1,500   $   565 Jobseeker
+ $   550 Coronavirus supplement
Oct-2020Dec-2020$1,200 >20hrs p/wm     ,$750 <20hrs p/w    $565 Jobseeker
+ $250 Coronavirus supplement
$1,000 >20hrs p/w     ,$650 <20hrs p/wPending 6 Oct 2020 Announcement
  • More money than JobSeeper
  • You get super on wages from hours worked (not from top-up)
  • Effortless.
  • Meet employment conditions/rules of JobKeeper. Particularly the hours
  • Not everyone will be eligible
  • This may affect your other entitlements from CentreLink
  • No super
  • Less money than JobKeeper
  • report to CentreLink periodically of any income you receive