If you are looking for JobKeeper $1500 per fornight, click here.

What is it?

  • This supplement will be paid to both existing recipients and new applicants of CentreLink per the eligibility;
  • Payments will be backdated to the time you register your claim.

  • Basically, a New applicant to CentreLink, will apply for JobSeeker, and then they will get

JobSeeker Eligibility:

Existing recipients 

includes those that already receive any of the following:

New recipients 

  • Australian citizens 
  • Aged 22-66
  • Meet the income test
  • Asset limit test has been waived, except for Farm Household Allowance and Special Benefit.

And to include any of the following:

Who doesn't get it:

You won't qualify for a cent if:

  • your partner earns more than $79k (formerly $48k), you won't qualify for a cent;
  • OR you are a New Zealander who arrived in Australia after February 26 2001
  • OR you are on a temporary visa, including refugee and bridging visa, you will not get a cent.

How to apply:

Existing recipients 

no action required. CentreLink will automatically pay you from 27 April 2020 and continue to do so each fortnight if you're eligible for up to 6 months.

New recipients:

Have 3 forms of ID ready (photo ID, passport, medicare card, birth certificate, etc.) and either 

  • go to a CentreLink office to apply for a CRN
  • Create a mygov account that links with either the ATO or Medicare, and click on a button shown below, and then you will get a sms/email saying CentreLink will contact you shortly to finalise the registration. If you need help with this, contact Teresa Tran Accounting office on 02 4229 5133, enquiries@ttran.com.au, or facebook