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Add client

Everyone should have Reckon username and password. 

You will go to the below page:

  1. Select Teresa Tran and Associates 
  2. Partners 
  3. Select your client if they in the list >> click OPEN
  4. If not yet, you can add a client: Click client subsciption +
  5.  Click on - I will purchase on behaft
    • Client email: put client email address
    • Fill in information 

  6. If you click open clietn book and see this message:

    • Ask Chris for acces file permission.

  7. If you see this tab mean you already have permission of the file 
  8. Main forcus: PAYROLL (ignore other tab you won't need it) 
  9. First of all, you need to set up:
    • General setting
    • Pay schedules 

Click setting icon >>> Setting 

            >>> General: update legal contact: 

  • Email put enquiries@ttran.com.au 
  • Phone: TT office number

            >>> Pay schedules: 

  • Click ADD 
  • Fill in the below
  • Super fund: 
    • Add super fund into the book: 
      • Add super fund that client employees have. 
      • Payroll set up > Pay items > Super Guarantee > Tick items included
  • Add employee:
    • Payrolll (left handside) 
    • Employees
    • Add
    • Fill in employee detail. 
    • Pay attention to:
      • EMPLOYMENT tab:
        • Pay schedule: is the one that you set up above. REMEMBER to select the pay schedule if not you cannot run payrun with your pay template set up. 
      • PAY SET UP tab: 
        • Earning: 
          • Select Ordinary (NOT SALARY) 
          • Rate basic: Make sure it hourly (NOT SALARY which is anually) 
          • Qty: working hour
          • Rate: accordingly to your client pay rate. 
        • Super: 
          • Add new row
          • Select Super gurantee
            • Select super: you must add super fund first (see above instruction) then all the super fund will show in here for you to select otherwise NON. 
            • Enter Member number. 

Process pay run:

  • Pay runs >> Add >>Select the pay schedule that you set up above. 
    • If you not set up pay schedule, it only show unschedule pay run for you to select.
  • Create pay run.
  • Check the detail + amount if all good >> Action >> Finish pay run 

STP lodgement: 

  • Check if Gov Reports setup has been done by Chris
  • Click Single touch payroll >> Your payrun will appeaer in here >> click inside >> Report STP. 
  • When you see the status SENT, which mean this payrun already sent to ATO>