What is it for?
How often must an employer send/lodge this info to ATO?

For Out-of-cycle reporting

  • You may make payments to employees other than as part of the their regular pay cycle, such as when you pay commissions, bonuses, payments in advance or back payments.
    These payments may be reported by either:
    • submitting a pay event on or before the pay day you made the payment
    • including the out-of-cycle payment made to the employee in the next regular pay event you lodge. If the next regular pay cycle is in the following financial year, you must report the payment by 30 June in the year the payment was made before you finalise.
    • This is distinct from an ad hoc payment that is generally either run as a calculation simulation or as an advance of the regular salary (which is deemed as a loan) and should be reported at the time the actual salary is calculated.
What software is good?We are going through and testing all the software available. The only ones that have stand out to us (the 1st being the best; not listed means we don't recommend it yet)
  1. xero
  2. myob essentials (not myob accountright)
  3. reckon one
When must I lodge payslip info to ATO
What must I submit to ATO?
  • Gross pay, tax, super, deductions, allowance
  • NO worked hours, no leave hours accrued
  • You must report the year-to-date values 
  • staff's:
    • full name
    • DOB
    • Tax File Number (TFN) & TFN declaration form
    • Address
    • superfund name & member number
What must I do to get ready?
  • Pick a software 

  • Get all your staff details as mentioned above

  • your business details

  • call ATO to let them know what software you picked. You should be given a software ID from your software

What if I look after multiple businesses?

See link here Last modified: 21 Nov 2018 QC 56697

How will payroll change?
Any payroll mistakes will need to be rectified within 14 days of detection. If employees are paid on a monthly basis, off-cycles would be required to update a payroll event.

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