Run microphone test to see if the microphone is working. 

  1. If yes = customer has the problem
  2. If no, try ONE of the following below and re-test the microphone test
    1. go to the base > flick the setting to B, then go back to A. (IT MUST NOT BE ON ANY SETTING OTHER THAN A. ONLY A will it work). By flicking it down b c d e then back to A, you are kind of 'rebooting" it. Then look at the sounds icon and see if the microphone is working by speaking into it and it must be green. see image or this video
    2. reset pc and 
      1. check for pc updates (go to START > type UPDATES > check for updates)

      2. check for PLANTRONIC HUB updates
    3. go to START > type in PLANTRONICS HUB > see what's going on there (check for updates and all settings must be OFF)
    4. check of the PC or headset is muted + ensure the sound setting is directed to the headset device and not any other speaker

    5. unplug usb and re-plug it. also remove any other headset devices (like another headset, speaker plug, etc. only the plantronic headset should be the only audio device plugged in)
    6. check if headset is fully charged - hen you place it on the base you can see the bottom-right battery icon light blinking or not
    7. check the toky application in use:
      1. if chrome - perhaps chrome has been muted
      2. if desktop app, close + restart
    8. if all else fails, turn off/on the headset. Swap hearing devices + contact Chris.