Run microphone test to see if the microphone is working. 
  1. If yes = customer has the problem
  2. If no, try the following below and re-test the microphone test
    1. unplug usb and re-plug it 
    2. check if headset is fully charged - hen you place it on the base you can see the bottom-right battery icon light blinking or not
    3. check of the PC or headset is muted + ensure the sound setting is directed to the headset device and not any other speaker
    4. go to the base > flick the setting to B, then go back to A. (IT MUST NOT BE ON ANY SETTING OTHER THAN A. ONLY A will it work). By flicking it down b c d e then back to A, you are kind of 'rebooting" it.
    5. go to START > type in PLATRONICS HUB > see what's going on there (check for updates and all settings must be OFF
    6. check the toky application in use:
      1. if chrome - perhaps chrome has been muted
      2. if desktop app, close + restart
    7. if all else fails, turn off/on the headset. Swap hearing devices + contact Chris.