Audit main check

Base rate, overtime rates (Saturday, Sunday, public holiday)
Use the payrate stated on pay guide accordingly (see attached)
Classification level
  • Level 1 - not service to customers
  • Level 2: can serve customers, take order, reservations.
  • Introductory level: new staff, training for maximum of 3 months,
    • If employer and staff have mutual agreement, staff can be at introductory level for additional 3 months
    • --> maximum 6 months under introductory level.
Minimum consecutive Engagement
Normal working days
  • Full time staff: average 38 hours per week.
  • Part-time staff:
    • At least 2 days off per week
    • 3 hours < = each shifts <= 11.5 hours
  • Casual staff:
    • Max 12 hours per day/per shift
    • Each shift >=2 hours

Public holiday:
  • Full time, part-time employees: paid >= 4 hours (even worked < 4 hours)
  • Casual: paid >=2 hours
Split-shift allowances
If work split shift, each shift > 2 hours: split shift allowances = 0.5% x weekly standard rate = $3.92 for each shift
Leave payment
  • require an employee to take annual leave as part of a close-down of its operations
  • Can cash out annual leave, but need to have minimum 4 weeks accrual leave (see link)
  • Each cashed out annual leave: can only pay up to 2 week leaves.
  • check holiday on payroll 
  • more details see link
Prepare Payslip as per fair work template, including
  • pay rate per hour, level classification
  • super fund name (compulsory), super member number (optional) 

more details see link