Final pay for staff (on the employment termination)

UNUSED LEAVE x2REDUNDANCY PAYPayment in lieu of notice
DetailsCommon job for TT office

There are two types of unused leave entitlements:
  1. Annual leave
  2. Long Service Leave (LSL)

Note, only permanent staff (not casuals) are entitled to unused leave payout.

Further, for LSL entitlement:
  • this varies depending on which State/Territory you're employed in. e.g. NSW LSL is different to QLD.
  • For NSW, 
    • you must work atleast 5 years to be entitled to unused LSL payout. BUT NOT entitled to use the leave.
    • after you work 10 years, you can actually use the leave
Rare job for TT office.

Here there are 2 types of redundancy (each with different tax treatment)
  • genuine
  • non-genuine

You will also have to check whether the employer is required to pay out redundancy or not.

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Common job for TT office.


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Gross paypay out:
  • LSL
  • Annual leave + loading

No sick leave is to be paid out UNLESS specified in their award or registered agreement & certain conditions are met:
  • an agreement is made in writing for the leave to be cashed out
  • the employee has at least 15 days of unused paid sick or carer’s leave left after cashing out
  • employee is paid the full amount they would have been paid if they actually took the leave
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Tax treat - ment
ETP & Tax treatment depends if its
  • type 1 or type 2;
  • and when was the employment start date

Read here to see if LUMP SUMs is applicable

ETP & Tax treatment depends if its: 
  • genuine 
  • or non-genuine redundancy


always ETP

Tax treatment depends on 


Last modified: 01 Mar 2018
QC 33860
Non-OTE = no super
(regardless if its ETP or not)
Non-OTE = no superOTE = super
Job Keeper

Depends if its ETP or notDepends if its ETP or notFrom 8 June onwards (Last modified: 19 Jun 2020 QC 63000),
ETP gets no reimbursement from JK
Last modified: 06 Aug 2020 QC 62135


the preservation age

the preservation age 

the preservation age

the preservation age