ATO & Australian Government offers hecs reduction to graduates, who studied and worked in the field of:

  • Mathematics, statistics or science
    • Graduated from an undergraduate 'natural and physical science' field of education course (mathematics, science or statistics) after 30 June 2008.
    • Employed in a related occupation, including as a secondary school teacher of these subjects or as a primary school teacher.
  • Education, nursing or midwifery
    • Graduated from an education, nursing or midwifery course required for initial entry to a teaching or nursing profession after 30 June 2009.
    • Employed as a teacher or nurse/midwife.
  • Early childhood education
    • Graduated from an early childhood education teaching course.
    • Employed as an early childhood teacher.
    • Employed by a provider of pre-school education or childcare services in a regional or remote area, Indigenous community or area of high socio‑economic disadvantage, as specified in the HECS-HELP Benefit Guidelines (opens in a new window).

The HECS-HELP Benefit will be removed from 1 July 2017. This means that the 2016/17 income year is the last for which a person can claim the HECS-HELP Benefit. However, a person still has two years to lodge their application (late applications will not be accepted).

Income year for which a person is claiming the HECS-HELP Benefit
Applications to be lodged with the ATO
2014/15 income year
by 30 June 2017
2015/16 income year
by 30 June 2018
2016/17 income year (the last year)
by 30 June 2019