What's better?

  • Libraries of books vs Google search to find answers?
  • A translation pocketguide vs google translate to find words in a foreign language?
  • paper maps vs GPS?
  • Receiving a letter vs getting an email?

The point is, we don't like paper. Paper is easily lost, and takes up space. The same can be said for your bank statements. Whilst we do need your bank statements to do your tax work, we rather we get an electronic version of it than the paper version.

With the electronic version, we can do so much more, and less time is wasted. That is where bank feed comes in.

Instead of waiting for you to download your bank statements, or extract your transactions in an excel, why not sign up for bank feed where:

  1. You select WHICH ACCOUNT you want your transaction data to be sent to Teresa. Please note: 
    1. we WON'T see any other bank account. Just the one you authorise
    2. we CANNOT transact or make drawings. We only get your bank statements/transactions in an electronic format).
  2. You'll never have to download and send us your bank statement again;
  3. Less paper for both you and us;
  4. Your tax work is prepared much faster, and more accurate + you get better tax reports.

See this link for more details: https://help.xero.com/au/BankFeeds