General notes: 

  • Pre-CGT assets are exempted from CGT (for assets were acquired before 20 September 1985)
  • Companies are not eligible for the 50 per cent discount on assets held for more than 12 months.  note
  • Small business needs to meet Basic requirement to be eligible for small business concession. 
  • Main residence exemption: see more details in 
  • For CGT on selling a property: please add back to the selling price: only building depreciation already claimed in year end tax returns (e.g. BMT Tax Depreciation schedule)
  • Order to apply discounts and concessions 
    • LESS: current year CL

    • LESS previous year CL

    • LESS: 50% discount CG

    • Apply any small business concessions (if available)

    • Net CG / CL 

Please see the CGT big picture and powerpoint slide for more details

-  CAPITAL GAIN TAX presentation 11.04.2017.pptx 

- Airbnb taxation summary.pptx