Will I still need to submit a BAS? 

  • Yes – you’ll  still need to submit a BAS, but the W1 and W2 values will be pre-filled

Will I be able to adjust the pre-filled values on my BAS? 

  • Yes

Will I still need to submit an annual payment summary  report? 

  • If you use Single Touch Payroll reporting, you may not need to  submit a payment summary report.

Will I still need to generate payment summaries for my  employees?

  • If you use STP reporting, you may not need to submit a  payment summary report. The ATO will make that information available to  employees through myGov.

Can I make PAYG or super payments through Single Touch  Payroll? 

  • No, Single Touch Payroll is a reporting solution only. You  will still need to make PAYG and super payments separately. If you use KeyPay,  PAYG can be processed through an ABA file and super payments can be automated  with ClickSuper.

Can I use single touch payroll even if I’m not required  to? 

  • Yes – if you’re an employer that has 19 employees or under and you  want to use Single Touch Payroll, then you should be able to do so.

Can a bureau or payroll provider or registered BAS agent  submit Single Touch Payroll data on behalf of a client? 

  • Yes, bureau  payroll providers and BAS agents will be able to lodge STP data on behalf of  clients

Where can I get more information on STP? 

If you have any questions, please comment below or email us

Hope that helps. 

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